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QUIZ: Can you name the entire list of characters, A-B, mentioned in the Harry Potter series?

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First MentionCharacter NameHint
Book 1Hufflepuff student
Book 5Gryffindor student
Book 4Ravenclaw student
Book 5Witch in St Mungo's
Book 1Famous wizard
Book 7Well-known broomstick designer
Book 1Neville's uncle
Book 2Acromantula
Book 7One-time owner of the Elder Wand
Book 6Ginny's Pygmy Puff
Book 4Dress-wearing wizard at Quidditch World Cup
Book 6Student bullied by James and Sirius
Book 4Death Eater
Book 6Classmate of Tom Riddle
Book 4Slytherin student
Book 4Head of Department of Magical Games and Sports
Book 4Brother of previous
Book 1Former Minister of Magic
Book 1Author of History of Magic
Book 1Centaur
Book 1Wizard who ended up with a buffalo on his chest
Book 4Flying carpet merchant
Book 4Employee of Ministry of Magic
First MentionCharacter NameHint
Book 2Witness to flying Ford Anglia
Book 7Author of children's stories
Book 6Ravenclaw student
Book 6Wizard who experimented with cheese cauldrons
Book 1Gryffindor Chaser
Book 6Girl at orphanage with Tom Riddle
Book 3Lavender's rabbit
Book 3Uncle of the Weasleys
Book 1Hogwarts teacher
Book 6Boy at orphanage with Tom Riddle
Book 5Pureblood wizard
Book 5Pureblood wizard
Book 5Former Hogwarts headmaster
Book 5Death Eater
Book 1Member of Order of Phoenix
Book 5Pureblood witch
Book 7Employee of Ministry of Magic
Book 1Slytherin Keeper
Book 1Ghost
Book 5Musician
Book 6Member of Slug Club
Book 4Unspeakable
Book 7Goblin
First MentionCharacter NameHint
Book 3Slytherin Beater
Book 5Head of Department of Magical Law Enforcement
Book 5Member of Order of Phoenix
Book 1Hufflepuff Student
Book 1Ravenclaw Student
Book 6Author of Advanced Potion-Making
Book 2Co-owner of shop in Knockturn Alley
Book 1Sweet-maker
Book 4Photographer for Daily Prophet
Book 5Ravenclaw Chaser
Book 7 Reporter for the Daily Prophet
Book 4Hufflepuff student
Book 1Ravenclaw student
Book 6Possible R.A.B.
Book 1Gryffindor student
Book 4Riddle family gardener
Book 3Hippogriff
Book 1Slytherin student
Book 6Possible R.A.B.
Book 7Hogwarts teacher
Book 7Co-owner of shop in Knockturn Alley

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