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Can you name the details about Spike from 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' and 'Angel'?

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Forced Order
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Portrayed by (actor)
Human name
First appearance (episode)
First lines spoken
First vampire he sired
Romantic interest when human
'Buffy' seasons 4-5 girlfriend
Her nickname for him
'Buffy' season 6 lover
Favourite foods
Favourite television show
Killed his first Slayer during this historic event
Killed this Slayer in 1977
Took this from her as a trophy
Why he is called 'William the Bloody'
Commissions this character to create the Buffybot
Drusilla cheats on him in with this demon in Brazil
Forces this witch to perform a love spell on Drusilla
The one person, besides his mother, who actually liked his poetry
Trigger song
This organisation planted a chip in his head
Codename given to him by that organisation
Earns this after undergoing the Demon Trials
Sings this solo in 'Once More, With Feeling'
Thinks this is his name in 'Tabula Rasa'
Tortures Angel looking for this jewel
Wheelchair-bound after this crushes him
Hires this group of assassins to kill Buffy
Sleeps with this character in The Magic Box
Uses this alias to smuggle demon eggs
This ghost tries to pull him to Hell
Believes this prophecy may refer to him
Dana, a psychotic Slayer, cuts these body parts off him
Volunteers as a punching bag to test this demon's abilities
Fill in the blanks: 'I may be _____ ______, but at least I'm man enough to admit it.'
'The truth is, I like this world. You've got dog racing, Machester United, and you've got people, billions of people walking around like ____ ____ with legs.'
'It's a big ____. I can't wait to tell my friends. They don't have a ____ this big.'
'And I'm just supposed to help you out of the ________ of my heart?'

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