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QUIZ: Can you name the details about each Big Bad from 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer'?

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Season 1: The Master
Portayed by (actor) 
First appearance (episode) 
Leader of this cult 
Uses this vampire as a vessel 
Right hand vampire 
Uses this vampire to lead the Slayer into hell 
Season 2: Angelus
Portrayed by (actor) 
Kills this teacher 
Possessed by this spirit 
Tries to use this demon to suck the world into hell 
Tortures this character 
Season 3: The Mayor
Full name 
Portrayed by (actor) 
First appearance (episode) 
Father figure to 
Wife (deceased) 
Employs this vampire 
Deputy mayor 
Ascends on this day 
Season 4: Adam
Portrayed by (actor) 
First appearance (episode) 
Created by 
Has this demon's arm 
First word 
Power source 
Season 5: Glorificus
Portrayed by (actor) 
First appearance (episode) 
Human half 
Who is portrayed by (actor) 
Searches for this mystical energy 
Opposed by this military order 
Makes this Scooby member insane 
Killed by 
Season 6: The Trio
Expert in technology 
Portrayed by (actor) 
Portrayed by (actor) 
Tucker's brother 
Portrayed by (actor) 
They accidentally kill this woman 
Summon this demon to help them rob a bank 
Attempt to rob an amusement park with the Orbs of __________ 
Season 7: The First Evil
First appearance (episode) 
Foot soldiers 
Human servant 
Releases this creature from the Hellmouth 
Name a vampire whose form it assumes 
Name a potential slayer whose form it assumes 
Assumes this form most frequently 

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