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Can you name the trivia for each episode of the new series of Doctor Who ?

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The enemies1.1 Rose
The humanoid tree's name1.2 The End of the World
Who plays Gwyneth?1.3 The Unquiet Dead
'Harriet Jones, MP for ________ _____'1.4 Aliens of London
What planet are the Slitheen from?1.5 World War Three
Owner of the Vault?1.6 Dalek
Floor for medical non-emergencies1.7 The Long Game
Jackie's full name (which Pete butchers)1.8 Father's Day
The empty child's name1.9 The Empty Child
Object the Doctor swaps with Jack's blaster1.10 The Doctor Dances
Margaret's real name1.11 Boom Town
How many games of Big Brother run at a time?1.12 Bad Wolf
Planet where dogs have no noses1.13 The Parting of the Ways
Which Disney movie does the Doctor quote?2.X The Christmas Invasion
What type of disease does the Duke of Manhattan have?2.1 New Earth
The Koh-i-Noor diamond is said to be worth the entire world's wages for what period of time?2.2 Tooth and Claw
The headmaster's name2.3 School Reunion
How old is Reinette when she is 'complete'?2.4 The Girl in the Fireplace
Jackie's new earpieces allow her to pick up signals from which country?2.5 Rise of the Cybermen
Mrs Moore's real name2.6 The Age of Steel
Who were the Doctor and Rose going to see perform?2.7 The Idiot's Lantern
What English sentence is written on the wall?2.8 The Impossible Planet
What does the Doctor believe in more than anything?2.9 The Satan Pit
The Abzorbaloff's home planet2.10 Love & Monsters
The song Trish and Chloe sing2.11 Fear Her
Who plays Torchwood employee Adeola?2.12 Army of Ghosts
What does the Doctor call the parallel world?2.13 Doomsday
Which features does Donna's wedding dress not include?3.X The Runaway Bride
What species is Mrs Finnegan?3.1 Smith and Jones
Harry Potter spell used to banish the Carrionites3.2 The Shakespeare Code
Mood drug that contained a deadly virus3.3. Gridlock
Tallulah's boyfriend3.4 Daleks in Manhattan
Last surviving member of the Cult of Skaro3.5 Evolution of the Daleks
How old is Richard Lazarus?3.6 The Lazarus Experiment
Name of the ship3.7 42
What does John Smith call his diary?3.8 Human Nature
Where does the Doctor trap Son of Mine?3.9 The Family of Blood
How many DVDs does Sally Sparrow own?3.10 Blink
Name of Professor Yana's assistant 3.11 Utopia
Satellite network the Master created3.12 The Sound of Drums
One of the locations of the four chemicals3.13 Last of the Time Lords
What planet is the Titanic from?4.X Voyage of the Damned
What is Miss Foster's real name?4.1 Partners in Crime
Who plays the Soothsayer?4.2 The Fires of Pompeii
How much does an Ood cost?4.3 Planet of the Ood
What is ATMOS short for?4.4 The Sontaran Stratagem
What is the first thing the Doctor says when he dons a gas mask?4.5 The Poison Sky
Name of the planet4.6 The Doctor's Daughter
Species of giant wasp4.7 The Unicorn and the Wasp
How many people were 'saved'? 4.8 Silence in the Library
What does CAL stand for?4.9 Forest of the Dead
What kind of radiation floods Midnight's surface?4.10 Midnight
Where are Donna and her family forced to move?4.11 Turn Left
Where did the Daleks hide the 27 planets?4.12 Stolen Earth
Name of Jackie Tyler's son4.13 Journey's End
Who becomes CyberKing?4.14 The Next Doctor
Object Lady Christina steals from the museum4.15 Planet of the Dead
What year is it?4.16 The Waters of Mars
Name of Donna's fiance4.17 The End of Time Part 1
Object Rassilon sends to Earth4.18 The End of Time Part 2
'The good-looking one'5.1 The Eleventh Hour
Amy's middle name5.2 The Beast Below
Name of the girl Prof. Bracewell was in love with5.3 Victory of the Daleks
Extinct, two-headed species5.4 The Time of Angels
One of the clerics who disappears into the crack5.5 Flesh and Stone
Rosanna Calvierri's home planet5.6 The Vampires of Venice
Name of the old lady who kills Rory5.7 Amy's Choice
Where was the Doctor intending to take Amy and Rory?5.8 The Hungry Earth
The Silurian Doctor5.9 Cold Blood
What is the creature called?5.10 Vincent and the Doctor
Name of Craig's football team5.11 The Lodger
Title of Vincent's painting5.12 The Pandorica Opens
Name of Amy's aunt5.13 The Big Bang
To whom does the Doctor accidentally get engaged?6.X A Christmas Carol
What did Nixon think the little girl's name was?6.1 The Impossible Astronaut
What does the Silent say in the video clip the Doctor airs with the moon landing?6.2 Day of the Moon
The captain's name6.3 The Curse of the Black Spot
Name of the woman before she became host to the TARDIS6.4 The Doctor's Wife
What singer is Jimmy listening to when the Doctor and co. arrive6.5 The Rebel Flesh
Name of Jimmy's son6.6 The Almost People
The Doctor's Silurian friend6.7 A Good Man Goes to War
Shape-changing android 6.8 Let's Kill Hitler
What species is George?6.9 Night Terrors
How many years did Amy wait?6.10 The Girl Who Waited
What is the number of the Doctor's room?6.11 The God Complex
At the beginning of the episode, what name does Alfie prefer?6.12 Closing Time
Time and date of the Doctor's death6.13 The Wedding of River Song
Who owns the estate where the Doctor is caretaker?7.X The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe

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