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What polis (city-state) is famous for having an unbeatable army?
What polis is famous for having an unbeatable navy?
What modern country is Asia Minor?
What early Greek civilization lived on Crete and was killed by an earthquake?
What caused Early Greece to expand in population?
How did Sparta grow?
Were visitors welcome in Sparta?
How long where Spartan males required to stay in the army?
In Athens who recieved well-rounded education?
What Athenian leader cancelled farmers debt?
QuestionAnswerExtra Facts
Who created the first demcracy?
Who had no rights in Greece?
Who was the leader at the Battle of Marathon (Persian War)?
The goverment of Sparta was what?
Who leads the Greek navy (Persian War)?
Who leads the Greek army (Persian War)?
What city-state was burned in the Persian War?
The Persian Empire is crused by who 150 years later?
Who was defeated at the Battle of Thermopylae?
Where did the most important 12 Greek gods live?

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