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LyricsAnswerSong Title/ # Words Missing
Oh baby, baby The reason I breathe is youBaby One More Time/ 5
There's no escape, I can't wait I need a hitToxic/ 4
Look hot in a bikini?Work B**tch/ 4
Oh baby, it might seem like a crushOops!. . . I did it again/ 7
Every time I try to fly I fall Everytime/ 3
I'm like a performerCircus/ 6
One, two, three3/ 5
And with a kid on my armPiece of Me/ 5
But mama, I'm in loveCriminal/ 3
Well did you ever think it be okay for me toI'm a Slave 4 U/ 4
LyricsAnswerSong Title/ # Words Missing
But all of the boys and all of the girls areIf U Seek Amy/ 6
Baby, thinkin' of you(You Drive Me) Crazy/ 5
But if you really want me move slow There's things about me Sometimes/ 5
Baby you, got all the puppetsWomanizer/ 4
Always and forever,Born to Make You Happy/ 3
Everytime they turn the lights downGimme More/ 8
Early morning, she wakes up Knock, knock, knockLucky/ 3
Intoxicate me, I'm a lush, stop you'reRadar/ 3
They say I'm nastyPerogative/ 6
HushStronger/ 2

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