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QUIZ: Can you name the chain trivia. Check comments for more introductions?

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Forced Order
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Largest city of China by population
One of the poorest countries in the World
Capital in Balkans
Tectonic Plate
A country that borders only one another country
A capital in Western Africa
A country in South America
This city was destroyed in WW2
Island nation in Pacific
Island nation that borders one country
A capital in Central America
Area in eastern coast of Mediterranean
Neighbour country of China
Island nation in Pacific
City in Switzerland
Eastern State in USA
Island nation in Indian Ocean
A Country in Southern Africa
A City in Southern USA
Island nation in Pacific
Archipelago around the Equator
A Capital in Northern Europe
Well-known lake in Europe
City in Germany
Country in Western Africa
US City that may be hard to spell
Province in Canada
A country in South America
A city in Florida
A country in Caribbean

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