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What is the maximum amount of health in Overwatch without custom effects?
Which character's primary fire does 70 base damage?
Name a character which dies immediately to Roadhog's hook + one primary fire.
How much damage does a fully charged Widowmaker headshot do?
If all arrows hit, how much damage does Hanzo's Scatter Arrow Ability do?
Name a character that can damage D.Va when she is using defense matrix?
True or False: When in Tank Mode, Bastion is faster than Tracer walking a normal speed.
(You may use a calculator) What is the maximum amount of damage possible with Winston while in Primal Rage without custom effects? (Put closest whole integer)
(You may use a calculator) What is the maximum amount of damage possible with Ana's Sleep dart without custom effects?(Put closest whole integer)
Name a character whose ultimate phrase changes depending on his/her/it's skin.
When wearing the 'Devil' skin for Mercy, what phrase is added on to her ultimate?
Which character does normal damage when getting a headshot?
When in Molten Core, how much damage does Torbjorns hammer do?
Genji's 'Slice and Dice' achievement requires you to eliminate a minimum of 4 enemies. What is the name of the spray you receive one that is achieved?
When Nanoboosted, how much does a fully charged 'Energy Ball' from Symmetra do?
Reinhardt's shield has a small cross-like thing right in the middle of his shield. When placed on it, will Tracer's 'Pulse Bomb' deal damage to the shield, or to Reinhardt?
How many skins does Junkrat have in total?
If Reinhardt charges from the center of Mei's ultimate 'Blizzard' the second it starts, will he be frozen? (Yes/No)
True or False: Roadhog can hook Zenyatta when in 'Transcendence'

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