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QUIZ: Can you name the The 2nd of these 30 things?

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Biggest Country
Smallest Country
Newest Country
U.S. President (recent)
Biggest U.S. state
Superbowl winner (different)
Book of the Bible
Colour of the rainbow
Harry Potter Book
Thing given by the Giving Tree
Tallest Mountain
Marvel Studios Movie
Most Superbowl Wins
Highest Grossing Movie of 2014
Star Wars Film
X-Men film
Winner of the WWE championship
Element on the Periodic Table
Largest City (population)
Medal at the Olympics
Winner of the Soccer world cup.
Largest Island
Longest River
Batman Film
Indiana Jones Film
Best Selling Fictional Book of 2014
Taste (alphabetical)
Sense (alphabetical)
Most NBA championships won

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