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Forced Order
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'Is it hungry hippos?... If its Kerplunk I'm coming mate'
'Because professionalism is... and that is what I want'
'Dawn Tinsley, as I live and breath'
'Kiss me on the nose!... Squeal piggy, squeal!'
'What if I do go all the way with Tim, but I still want something with you?'
'Well I don't usually do sloppy seconds, but I have to look at each case on its individual merit'
'Slough's a big place, and when I'm finished with Slough, there's Reading, Aldershot, Bracknell, you know, I've got Didcot, Yateley. You know. My - Winnersh.'
'Just because you let some useless tosser blow his beans up your muff'
'Word of warning then, out there they call them fanny packs. Because fanny means your arse over there... not your minge'
'I'm sorry, but that sounds like management speak to me David and I know you hate that'
'What? Them better than me? I could name 50 things I'm than them at - Like what? - ... throwing'
'They're gonna go - WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE... and not in a rascist way.'
'Condoms come in all different flavours nowadays. There's strawberry and curry and that. Do you like curry?'
'You're right, it fits perfectly, thank you so much'
'I froze your tears and made a dagger, and stabbed it in my cock forever, it stays there like excalibur, are you my Arthur? Say you are'
'He's a weird little bloke! Look at his cartoon face and his hair, he looks like a Fisher Price man'
'Oooo Betty, the cat's done a whoopsy in me beret'
'What in the name of jumping jehosaphat was that?'
'Lesbians probably, sisters... I'm just watching'
'So the queen says, is it a black man's... yep, alright?'

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