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DescriptionReligious Figure
Trappist monk, converted at 4th and Walnut; most significant monastic author of twentieth century; writings on his own conversion prayer and monastic life; his experiences are witn
Started a soup kitchen for the homeless; was very compassionate; started the Catholic Worker
Identified by the church she lived next to; wrote revelations of Divine Love (short text - 16 visions while she was on verge of death; long text - 15 years pondering those visions)
Founded Franciscan order (mendicant), son of wealthy cloth merchant, received visions from crucifix to repair church, stole and sold cloth to fund repairs, became beggar and preach
Current Pope, German; not a Jesuit
Elected Pope in 1962; invited 23 women to be present among 2,500 bishops at council; reopened Vatican II which was automatically with death of John XXIII
Two themes of life: commitment to social justice and need for renewal in religious life for women; neal scale - method for evaluating attitudes towards values and change; saw need
Medieval woman; known for brilliance in philosophy and theology and standing up to male leaders in church; concerned with changing the church and politics than seeking union with G
Pope during Vatican I; promulgated 'Syllabus of Errors'; defined dogma of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Mary was conceived without original sin)
Peace activist and poet; associated with Trapist Monk Thomas Merton; joined Jesuits after high school; was FBI's Most Wanted for activity in Vietnam War protests
Famous poet and scholar, first religious to receive PhD from UCal Berkeley, instigated Sister Formation Movement, President of Saint Mary's College, Founded first school that allow
Jesuit priest, known for work at St. Benedict Center, lectures integrated nature and grace, Jews couldn't achieve true vocation except in Christ; anti-semitic and thought non-catho
Founded Pius X society, dealt with issue of church and state religions, opponent of relations with other religions, wrote an open letter to Pope condemning his peace-making activit
Wanted to reform Catholic heritage, introduced vernacular Bible, believed gospel sets us free from sin and death, struggled with Anfechtungen (spiritual attacks) all his life, beli
Originally from Dominican Order; most influential theologian in Roman Catholic Church; incorporated philosophy of Aristotle with theology of Augustine; viewed life and Catholicism
DescriptionReligious Figure
Man with 'hypnotic eyes'; religious media superstar; his show, 'Life is Worth Living' was first mass-marketed religious program; gave raise to idea of 'public Catholicism'; Catholi
'Martyr of Amazon'
Recovered idea of charism (everyone is given gift at Baptism); Gaudium et Spes ('Joy and Hope') - overview of Catholic Church's teachings about humanity's relationship to society;
Sister of Loretto who spent many years teaching; elected Superior General of her sisterhood; was 1/23 women @ VII; worked on issues of peace, justice, racism, women's rights, death
Head of conservative group, Responsible for draft of revelation, semper idem = 'always the same'
Wrote 'Dignitatus Humanae' (Declaration of Religious Freedom), very pro-religious freedom, right to religious freedom has foundations in dignity of human person, segregation of chu
Cross-cultural transmitter of ideals of origenist stream of Egyptian Monasticism; รก conferences: reflected what he learned from Egyptian monks; Seven Deadly Sins: pride, envy, glu
After the death of her father, was led to reform herself through prayer; intense prayer led to heavenly communications; wrote about experiences & spiritual necessity for prayer; de
After John Courtney Murray was silenced by Rome, this person invited him to Vatican II
Elected Pope at 77, 'Transitional Pope' of 1958, called Second Vatican Council in 1962, Beatified 2000
His radio broadcasts provided hope during the Great Depression; was ordained Priest in 1916; asked to build a parish and started his radio program to fund it; spoke of sociopolitic
Founded Jesuit order in Rome; believed in education of youth and foreign missions; desired to imitate Christ; experienced conversion while healing from cannon ball wound and readin
Leader of progressive wing, Jesuit scripture scholar, secretary for Christian unity, Ecumenism - reunion of separated brethren
Established a church excluding the Old Testament (its God was not father of Jesus); credited for canon (closed set of texts); separation between Jesus and Judaism; Said Jesus was a

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