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Can you complete the titles of the Nancy Drew games?

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Game TitleMissing Word(s)
Secrets Can ________
Stay ______ for Danger
Message in a _______________
Treasure in the ________________
The ____________ Scene
Secret of the ________ Hand
________ of Moon Lake
The _________ Carousel
Danger on __________ Island
The Secret of ___________ Ranch
Curse of _____________
Secret of the Old ___________
Last _________ to Blue Moon Canyon
Danger by ____________
The Creature of _______________
The ___________ of Icicle Creek
Game TitleMissing Word(s)
Legend of the __________ Skull
The ___________ of Venice
The Haunting of ______ Malloy
Ransom of the _____________
Warnings at ________________
Trail of the ____________
Shadow at the _____________
The ____________ Curse
____________ in Ashes
Tomb of the ____________
The _________ Device
Ghost of _____________
The Silent ________
The ________ Medallion
________ of Lies
________ of Darkness

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