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ABase destroyed by the Robotech Masters
BLeader of the freedom fighters
CYellow Dancer sang there
DCity buried in ice
EZentraedi Minister of Affairs
FThe source of Protoculture
GThe Regis possessed Annie there
HHero of Macross Saga
IAriel, for example
JSue Graham's division
KMusica's mate
LSupreme Commander, Army of the Sourthern Cross
MCrash here ended the Global Civil War
NGrew up around the wreckage of the SDF-1
ODana saw her in a vision
PAircraft carrier fused to SDF-1
QMiriya, for example
RLisa Hayes's lost love
SHe couldn't remember his name
TCity destroyed by Barrier System Overload
UPolitics as usual
VMiss Leeds
WBetrayed humans to the enemy
XA recurring theme in Robotech
YWho Dana left behind in her hometown
ZFather of Robotechnology

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