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QUIZ: Can you name the South Park episode from a description of its subplot?

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Plot SummaryEpisode TitleChoices
Cartman finds fake buried treasure and tries to swallow all of it so he can keep it for himselfThe Mexican Staring Frog of Southern Sri Lanka
The kids go to Pioneer Village and see a recreation of 1864.Child Abduction is Not Funny
Kenny starts doing disgusting things for money and eventually ends up offering a BJ to Howard Stern for $10Big Gay Al's Big Gay Boat Ride
The kids of South Park all develop A.D.D. and start taking RitalinDeath Camp of Tolerance
Chef's Dad tells the kids about how the Loch Ness Monster kept asking him for $3.50Gnomes
Sargeant Yates shows the kids the terrible semi-luxury lifestyle that music artists are forced to live due to people downloading their music for freeHooked on Monkey Fonics
Jimbo bets on the South Park cows and tries to fix the game by having a bomb go off at half time when Richard Stamos sings the high FSuper Fun Time
Mark and Rebecca, the home school kids decide they want to go to public schoolKenny Dies
Lemmiwinks gets trapped inside Mr. Slave and has to take a quest to escape aliveTimmy 2000
Cartman successfully learns how to crap out your mouth and this becomes the new fad in South ParkFat Camp
The kids mistakenly think they got their period forcing Stan to start taking hormones to keep up with the othersHow to Eat With Your Butt
Tweak's dad's coffee shop is in danger of going out of business due to the new Harbucks coffee shop opening next doorImaginationland
Butters gets grounded for the stupid faces he made while getting his school picture takenRaisins
Mr. Garrison becomes very upset about his childhood and the fact his dad never molested himSimpsons Already Did It
Wendy breaks up with Stan so Stan decides to turn into a goth kid to help deal with the painRed Hot Catholic Love
Plot SummaryEpisode TitleChoices
The kids find out about the new religion of ScientologyMystery of the Urinal Deuce
Jesus and Pals tries to become more like Jerry Springer in order to compete with Jimbo and Ned's TV showCartman's Mom is Still a Dirty ****
Cartman convinces Butters that an asteroid is about to hit the Earth so he shuts him in a bomb shelter for over a weekAre You There God? It's Me, Jesus
Cartman is suffering with a case of Dry Balls which he tries to have Kyle cureMy Future Self n Me
Cartman acquires a truckload of fetuses which he cant sell because of the new ban on stem cell researchConjoined Fetus Lady
The City Wok guy builds a Great Wall around South Park that keeps getting attacked by MongoliansMajor Boobage
Cartman starts a company that helps kids get back at their parents. He specializes in smearing crap on the wallsChristian Rock Hard
Cartman gets an aquarium and fills it with sea people who eventually grow a civilization and worship Cartman as a godManBearPig
President Bush tries to convince the kids that he was responsible for 9/11Casa Bonita
The kids join a cult started by David Blaine, and decide to take part in a mass suicideThe Succubus
Rosie O'Donnell comes to help her nephew in the class president elections against IkeTrapped in the Closet
Cartman pretends to be mentally handicapped to join the special olympics and win the $1000 prizeWorldwide Recorder Concert
The town of South Park gets hit by a huge blizzard forcing them to become cannibals to surviveTrapper Keeper
Kyle comes home with a cat in a ziplock bag which brings Gerald back to his past demonsSuper Best Friends
The kids play in the world dodgeball championships against ChinaUp the Down Steroid

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