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Can you name the amazingly difficult south park trivia, south park trivia, and more south park trivia?

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What two things does NAMBLA stand for?
Butters' parents believe Butters is either missing or dead in what three episodes?
Name the four Rob Schneider movies mentioned in 'The Biggest Douche in the Universe'
Name the four episodes to win an Emmy:
Name the four episodes which were nominated for an Emmy but did not win:
What are the three stages to the Underground Gnomes plan?
What are Scuzzlebutt's defining characteristics and hobbies?
What three episodes take place the night of the meteor shower?
What sports do the South Park kids end up competing for a state championship?
According to the theme song, what do people in South Park scream?
Lexus and Porsche are employees at what restaurant?
What is the name of Cartman's theme park?
What's the name of the South Park hospital
What are aliens (from outer space) called in South Park?
What episode was Butters' first speaking role?
Name the boys in the classroom whose names appeared on 'The List'
Name the battles which were won by the Southern troops in 'The Red Badge of Gayness'
Name the Super Best Friends
Name the episodes with Professor Chaos
Name all of the South Park Elementary school staff (appearing in more than one episode)
Finish this line: Well I'm a little bit country....
Who keeps breaking down the city wall?
Who tries to kidnap Tweak in 'Child Abduction is Not Funny'?
What was the 100th episode of South Park?
What is the name of the family with butts where their faces should be?
Crap is measured in what:
Who kept giving each other raging clues?
What does Towelie choose when faced with the decision to either save the kids or get high?
Who is the biggest dick in Canada?
What episode do the South Park residents steal space cash?
What does Canada go on strike for?
What episode was originally intended by Trey and Matt to be 100th episode?
Do the handicapped go to hell?
What is the City Wok owner's other business?
What year is being represented at Pioneer Village by the actors who never break character?
What non-christmas episode does Mr. Hankey show up in?
Who is Professor Chaos's sidekick?
The Queer Eye for the Straight Guy people are actually:
What's the name of the kid who did the guest voice in Red Man's Greed?
Who does Mr. Garrison look like after his face lift at Tom's Rhinoplasty?
What song plays each time Mr. Garrison enters the room after his face lift in Tom's Rhinoplasty?
What did Ike's birthparents name him?
How long after 'Not Without My Anus' did 'Cartman's Mom is Still a Dirty ****' air on Comedy Central?
Who takes Chef's job when he quits to be with the Succubus?
How many times do they say the S word in 'It Hits The Fan'?
What are Mr. Mackeys four steps to not ending up addicted to smack, homeless on the street giving handjobs for crack?
Name the pets the main characters have had
Which two episodes make fun of Michael Jackson?
Name the major motion Terrance and Phillip pictures
In which three episodes does Kyle's cousin, Kyle appear?
What do Peruvian flute bands keep away?
What is the only religion that goes to heaven?
Who is Butters' bottom bitch?
What two characters try to escape Mr. Slave's ass?
Who teaches Kyle the benefits of being ugly?
Who hosts the show: 'Fightin' Round the World'?
What are the components of ManBearPig described by Al Gore?
What's the name of Randy's boy band?
What's the antidote to Ritalin?
Pip is actually a character taken from what book/movie?
For Jesus' millenium miracle, he sets up a concert for what musical artist?
What clothing brand does the Prehistoric Ice Man wear which hasn't been seen since 1996?
When the kids realize that carnies gave them bad quality Terrance and Phillip dolls, they scream:

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