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Can you name the Technological Innovations Before 1400?

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Associated People/Civilization (Year)InnovationHint
Homo Habilis (2.5 million years ago)Oldest found in Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania
Homo Erectus (1.6 million years ago)Classic cave-person discovery
Fertile Crescent (8,000 BCE)Sewed the seeds of civilization
Sumer, Mesopotamia (3,000 BCE)Hammurabi used it
Egypt (3rd millenium BCE)You saw Hunefer's
Hittites (14th century BCE)Brought us out of the bronze age
Assyria (9th century BCE)Still in use through the Middle Ages
Associated People/Civilization (Year)InnovationHint
Han Dynasty (105 CE)A Chinese prisoner taught the Muslims how it's made
China (5th century CE)Eventually meant unemployment for oxen
Central Asian Nomads (by 8th century CE)Made Genghis Khan's success possible
China (1040 CE)Saves time if you are copying government documents
Medieval Europe (1100s CE)Works by counter-weight
Medieval France (late 1100s CE)Let there be light!
England (1300s CE)Helped make knights obsolete

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