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QUIZ: Can you name the Bills, Wills, Billys, Willies, Williams, and Billies?

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NameFamous For
Bill S.Excellent adventures; bogus journeys.
Bill ofAmendments 1-10 of the U.S. Const.
BillyNot being a Billy at all; Lincoln County War
WillBeing the (anti-)hero of Unforgiven
Billie JeanWinning Wimbledon six times
BillSaxophone playing; dress staining
WillThrilling Candlestick Park crowds with his glove and bat.
WilWearing jumpsuits while flying through a Hollywood basement; standing by me
BillThrice winning Wimbledon
BillBatting .289 over the course of his career; collecting 2,715 hits; having both of these accomplishments completely overshadowed by one error in 1986.
WillNever meeting a man he didn't like (with the possible exception of Wiley Post)
Billy[Not writing] Moneyball.
William HenryTippecanoe
WilliamPoems, paintings, and prints; The Great Red Dragon and the Woman Clothed with Sun
WilliamWriting (or not writing) lots of plays and sonnets
NameFamous For
WillBeing Picard's number one man
Bill ofA law that a legislature passes declaring a person or group of people guilty of a crime without the benefit of a trial; prohibited by the U.S. Const.
WilliamKirk; T.J. Hooker; Denny Crane, Rocket Man
WillyChocolate rivers; glass elevators; Nerds
WillyRepresenting the failed American dream; dying
WillySaying 'Hey'; being one of the best baseball players of all time; the Catch
BillySelling Oxi-Clean
WillieHitting 'em where they ain't.
WillieBeing on the road again;
BillieNot being Michael Jackson's lover
WillPuzzles NYT readers and NPR listeners
BillCliff Huxtable
TrespassPiglet's uncle
WillDJ Jazzy Jeff's partner in rhyme; (he's been in a few movies too)
BillBringing science to the middle school masses

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