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Can you name the Glee- the pilot episode?

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Forced Order
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Who spoke first?
What was the name of the decesed ex glee club teacher
What subject does will teach?
Who snitches on Sandy Ryerson?
Why did Figgins get rid of the coffee cups?
How hot does Sue like her milk in her Latte?
How much does it cost to run the glee club?
What does Will call the new glee club?
Who auditioned first?
Who slushies Rachel
Where does Will find Finn singing?
What is the name of Sandys drug buisness?
What does Terri want Will to be?
Who is Wills chaperone to go to Carmel High?
What does Ken call Emma?
What club is Quinn president of?
What does Finn want at Carmel high to eat?
How many years has Will been married to Terri for?
What song does vocal adreniline sing?
What does the football team shoot finn with?
What does the sign above Terri say when she tells Will she is pregnant?
How long does will give notice before he quits?
Who saves Artie from the porta loo?
What does will say to end the episode?

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