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Question/HintPaternoville FactExtra Info
'the Village Idiot' according to the Collegian
Graham Zuggs following
Week long campout ritual
Vice President
True or False: Paternoville won the 2009 Homecoming Parade?
Paternoville football tradition
PR officer/representative
the ________ Mile
Mr. Cowbell
Boom Boom ___________
True or False: Rob Stone is viewed as a 'blessing' for Paternoville?
The reason of all bad things at P'Ville
Temperature that forces P'Ville shutdown
'If you can't get into college go to ______'
Question/HintPaternoville FactExtra Info
'****, ****, **** you _______'
'Hail to those Auto workers, Hail to those _________'
the ______ ______ of Odrick
the Blue _________ Colt
The two sections behind the goalpost
'All your girls are ugly and fat, I would rather ____ ___ _ ____'
Paternoville Grandfather
Year Paternoville was OFFICIALLY founded?
Paternoville is located at ______ _
True or False: PSU is the only school to do a Paternoville style event for EVERY home game for every season?
First Paternoville President
Paternoville food provider: ______ BBQ
When delivering food to Paternoville what address does Wings Over use?
Tent takedown time for Noon kickoffs is _____AM
Jay Paternoville typically posts a photo of Paternoville every week on his ________

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