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QUIZ: Can you name the TABC Graduating Class of 2016?

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Bill Nye wishes he was him
Developed close relationship with Aliey's dad
Chess Captain with a gorgeous mid-ranger
Facebook addict, future Israeli Prime Minister
Hit half court shot to win Nets tickets in 10th grade, cries at the sight of dogs
A five towns kid at heart who lives in Highland Park
Dog-lover who always sits in the front
Rassling legend
Music-lover whose brother is a wrestling legend
Runs Mexican Cartel and former owner of Burritolam
East Brunswick Basketball Star
Hey, we want some ___
Is not so friendly with Mrs. Reichardt
Has an evil twin with a similar sounding last name
If he was one of the Seven Dwarfs, he'd be Sneezy
Someone called him nice, once
___ Dog Millionaire
Underratedly tallest guy in the grade
Owns Xbox which we were addicted to for 6 months
WIll be in Netiv Aryeh for 15 years
Big Bayern Munich Fan who founded the Current Events Club
Worse Knees than Derrick Rose, 47 degree Scoliosis
He's your daddy
Massive Houston Texans fan who loves to Smash
King BTH, @tmil4
Poetry Slam King, formerly addicted to Diet Coke
Cantor of the TABC fan Choir
Crazy TABC sports fan who joined Soccer as a junior
Legendary buzzer beater at new gym opening loss
Peyton Manning wishes he had his forehead
Part 1 of legendary Chavrusa, Gadol HaDor
Engineered plan to fill Mr P's office with balloons
Red Rocket
Baby face who went through puberty in 4th grade
Buckets from 3, loves to Smash
Became Steph Curry as a senior
Ex-Cowboy who has gone to school in Texas, Illionois, and New Jersey
Has biceps worth chanting for
Sheriff with a Z
Kenny's cousin, enjoys going to Century Village over vacations
Investment Club founder who makes sure everyone is up to date in the election
We all Noa this one
DJ Maximus
Future Physicist whose brother captained Varsity Soccer last year
Student Council President
Larry Bird
The only member of his family under 6 feet, frequently listens to JM in the AM
6th grade SAR basketball starter
Smashes under the name NAI
Money from 3 and in the classroom
Only guy to come out of YSV to TABC, is a mad BTHer
Chess Manager, Boston sports fan
Part 2 of legendary Chavrusa, transferred from Frisch
(Not-so) Secretly wishes he went to DRS
You can rent him for $15 a period
Put in a full body cast after wrestling tryout in 9th grade
Chess manager who took a 1 month hiatus in 9th grade
Singer who started MusicVS at TABC
Co-Yearbook Editor-in-chief who may secretly be Dr. Evil
Poon on the moon
Chose TABC even though he has family roots in MTA
In an intimate relationship with Schoology
TABC TV who doubles as an EMT
Co-Yearbook Editor-in-chief who loves Israel Advocacy
AP Parkour mentor and founder
Hard nosed wrestler
Wrestling Captain and Math Wiz
Band member, loves Billy Joel
Just the tip
Big D who doesn't miss beyond the arc
Went to hospital his first day of TABC
Smash legend
Manager of the Hockey team, his father is a radio star
Equally famous for his nose and his skills with a hockey stick
He spoke at the Open House in 10th grade
Mexican Frog
Buss that hasn't shaved in 9 months
Chess Captain, best smile
Big eyes and a wall on the court
Can be found at the Home Depot
In love with Carlos and Gabby's, is a wall
Claims to be the best Link in the grade

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