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Can you name the N64 Game from its Items/Moves/Levels?

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Magnum, Proximity Mines, Rocket Launcher
Lightning Bolt, Banana Peel, Frappe Snowland
Talon, Firestorm Cannon, Port of Adia
Megaton Hammer, Goron's Ruby, Temple of Time
Secret Tape, Darkslide, The Mall
Jinjos, Talon Trot, Rusty Bucket Bay
Home Run Bat, Screw Attack, Board the Platforms
Gold Ring, Barrel Roll, Sector Z
Golden Banana, Chimpy Charge, Jungle Japes
Da Bomb, Late Hits, Suicide
Pester Ball, Valley, 'Welcome Back'
Super Star, Shy Guy Says, Yoshi's Tropical Island
Bow Gun, Sparkshot, Raccoon City Police Dept.
Golden Balloon, Hovercraft, Fossil Canyon
Blue Falcon, The Queen Cup, Turbo Boost
Tahoe 155, Indy Nosebone, Crystal Lake
Confidence Pills, Frying Pan, Saving Private Rodent
Backflip, Underwater, Sunset Bay
Magic Painting, Triple Jump, Whomp's Fortress
Compact, Torque, Alcatraz

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