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English TranslationSpanish Verb-ado, -ido, or irregular
to abandon, leave, forsakeabandoned, derelict, forlon
to overthrow, knock downdejected, despondent
to advocate, pleadlawyer, attorney, counsel
to abolish, repealabolished
to board; to tackle (an issue), to approachapproached
to abortaborted
to embrace, hug
to coat; to shelter; to put a coat onsnug
to openopen, overt, outspoken, open-ended
to overwhelm; to flusteroverwhelmed
to absolve, acquitacquitted, cleared
to abstain, refrain from
to jeer; to boo; to assailbooed, jeered, heckled
to bore, be boringboring, wearisome
to abuse, misuseabused, molested, overused
to finish; to complete; to concludefinished
to campcamped, encamped
to accelerate, hasten, hurry, speedaccelerated
to accent, stressaccentuated, accented
to acceptaccepted, admitted
to come close; to approach, to bring closeapproached
to guess correctly; to find, hit uponsuccesful
to acclaim, applaud, shoutacclaimed, hailed, highly-acclaimed
to clarify, make clear; to explainclarified, illuminated
to accompanyaccompanied
to adviseadvised
to remember, resolve, decide, agree uponagreement, deal, accord
to shortenshortened, clipped
to hound, harrass, pesterharrassed, besieged, bullied
to put to bed, lay down, stretchlying, laying down
to get accustomed; to get used toused, accustomed, customary
to activateactivado
to update; to realize; to make happenupdated
to operate, activate; to act, performacted
to knife, cut, cut open, slashstabbed, knifed
to attend, answer a call, come to rescuegone
to accumulateaccumulated, accrued
to accuseaccused, charged
to adaptadapted, adaptive
to advance; to overtakeadvanced
to lose weight; to thinthinned
to owe, be liable for; to get into debtdue, owed
to guessguessed
to attach, encloseattached
to administeradministered, administrated
to admireadmired
to admit; recive; to accept, allowacknowledged, accepted
to adoptadopted
to adore, idolize; to worshipadored
to lull, put to sleepdrowsy, lethargic
to adorn, decoratedecorated, adorned
to acquire; to get; to obtainacquired, obtained
to notice, note; to warn, notify; to advisewarned, cautionary
to affect, feign; to influenceaffected, foppish; poseur
to shaveshaven
to sharpensharp; sharpness
to affirmstated
to afflict, cause pain; to trouble, distressafflicted, stricken, bereaved
to flow in, into, to; to congregate influid, fluent, flowing
to lower, bend downcrouched, bending over, ducking
English TranslationSpanish Verb-ado, -ido, or irregular
to seize, grab, grasp; to wrangletaken, caught
to shake up, agitate, stir up, waveagitated, shaken
to use up, exhaustexhausted, drained, bushed
to thankgrateful, appreciative, beholden
to enlarge, grow larger, increaseenlarged
to aggravate, make worse, burdenaggravated
to injure, wrong, affront, aggrieveaggrieved
to add, attach; to gather, collectaggregate, aggregated; attache
to sour, embitter, turn soursour
to group, form groupsgrouped
to endureendured, withstood
to expect, wait forguarded
to pierce, perforate, puncture, boreleaky
to adopt; to procreate, reproducegodson
to drown, choke, smother, stifle, suffocatedrowned
to put aside; to save (up); to set apart
to smoke, cure; to fill with smokesmoked
to isolate, set apartisolated
to praise; to laud; to worshippraised
to alarmalarmed
to lodge, give shelter to, house; to harbor
to reach, overtake
to allege; to plead; to claim; to argue
to be glad
to go away, withdraw
to ally, to uniteally
to lighten; to relieve; to ease
to feed, nourish; to support
to lighten, unburden, alleviaterelieved
to store
to lunch, have lunch
to lodge, house, quarter
to rentrented
to alter, change, disturbaltered
to illuminate, light, enlightenlighting
to raise, lift, pick up, hoistfixed, raised
to breast feed; to nurse
to dawn; to wake up/arrive at dawn
to lovebeloved
to turn yellow
to knead
to threaten, menace
to amnesty
to admonish, reprimand; to warnadmonished
to extend, spread out, stretch forthextended
to amplify, magnify, extendamplified
to addincorporated
to analyzeanalyzed
to walk; to ride; to gowell-trodden, worn
to long for, crave
to bring to life; to inspire; to animateanimated, lively
to become night, get darkbenighted
to write downannotated
to annul, nullify; cancelcancelled
to announce, declare; to publicize, advertiseannounced
to pacifyapppeased
to turn off, extinguishoff, dull
to park; to depositparked
to appearspirit
to separate, divide, partparagraph
English TranslationSpanish Verb-ado, -ido, or irregular
to reek, stink out
to squish; to crushcrushed
to applaud
to applyapplied
to bet
to aid, support
to appraise, assess, value; to appreciateappreciated
to apprehendapprehended
to learnlearned (adj.)
to hurry, hastenhasty, hurried
to tightentight
to approve, pass a testapproved
to take advantage of; to enjoy, make use ofharnessed
to aim, point (guns); to make a note of; to cuepointed
to grieve, worry, fretin a hurry
to filefiled
to reason, dispute
to armarmed
to root up, pull up, pull away, tear off, snatchripped
to dragdrawn
to pull up/outrapt
to fix; arrangearranged, settled
to regretsorry, repentant, remorseful
to arrestdetained
to lower
to throw, hurlhurled
to ruin; to fall into ruinruined
to articulate, pronounce clearlyarticulate (adj.)
to assault, storm, assailassaulted
to roast, barbecueroasted
to ascend, promotepromoted
to insureinsured
to assassinate; to murdermurdered
to assign, allotassigned, earmarked
to attend; to enroll; to go to an appointmentassisted
to associateassociated; partner
to amaze, astonish; to shadeastonished, amazed
to aspire; to inhale, breathe in, aspirate
to assumeassumed
to scarefrightened
to attack, assault
to attend; to tend
to land; to touch down; to groundlanded
to attract, lureattracted
to overtake, catch
to cross; to penetrate
to dare
to attributeattributed
to run overhasty
to daze, bewilder, stunstunned
to increase, augment; to magnifyincreased, enhanced
to authorize, empower; to approve, permitautorizado
to advance, go forwardadvanced
to venturerisky, adventurous
to embarrass oneself, be ashamedashamed
to ascertain; to check
to inform, warn
to help
to fast
to turn blue

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