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Can you name the Can you name the most influential Catholic religious orders??

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Date & Location of FoundingReligious OrderType of Order
1243; Tuscany, ItalyMendicant
1664; Normandy, FranceMonastic
1120; Premonstre, FranceCanons Regular
1209; Umbria, ItalyMendicant
1617; Rome, ItalyClerics Regular
1374; Toledo, SpainMonastic
1119; Jerusalem, Crusader StatesMilitary
1444-1501; Palermo, SicilyMendicant
~529; Monte Cassino, ItalyMonastic
1799; Laigné-en-Belin, FranceCanons Regular
1218, Barcelona, SpainMendicant
Date & Location of FoundingReligious OrderType of Order
1099; Jerusalem, Crusader StatesMilitary
1206; Languedoc, FranceMendicant
1530; Milan, ItalyClerics Regular
~5th Century; Hippo Regius, Roman AfricaCanons Regular
~1210; Mt. Carmel, IsraelMendicant
1534; Paris, FranceClerics Regular
1084; Chartreuse Valley, FranceMonastic
1190; Acre, Crusader StatesMilitary
1524; Abruzzo, ItalyClerics Regular
1198; Cerfoid, FranceMendicant
~1233; Florence, ItalyMendicant

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