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On which date is May Day celebrated?
May Day celebrates the arrival of which season?
Which object do children dance around on May Day?
Filled with flowers, candies, or other goodies, many people often give these to friends or neighbors on May Day.
To commemorate the Haymarket affair, Socialists and Commmunists of the Second International declared May Day to also be referred to as this.
Many countries celebrate the night before May Day, which is known as...
Since 1928, May Day has also been known as this in Hawaii.
In France, it is customary to give a sprig of this sweet smelling flower.
During ancient times, Romans honored this goddess of spring.
This is the anglicised name for the Gaelic May Day festival, which often include bonfires.
People in Finland make this drink on the eve of May Day, which often consists of lemons, brown sugar, and yeast.
On May 1, 1958, in order to combat perceived communist overtones of the day's celebration, US President Dwight Eisenhower proclaimed May 1 this day.

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