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Can you name the words ending in 'ae' to 'ze'?

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Bones constituting the spinal
Name given to the shape of a
Opportunity; square in Monopoly...ce
Make a
The 'H3' is a tame version of this army
Measure of time associated with radioactive decay...fe
Type of music made famous in
Alcohol containing wormwood...he
Capital of
'Heart' bearing plant, thistle
Exaggeration as a form of rhetoric...le
A word or phrase that can be read in either
Member of the woodwind family...oe
To run off and
This monarch will celebrate her Diamond Jubilee in 2012 (initials)...qe
A title given to an esteemed member of old British society; a
Actor who was wingman to 'Goose'
Line that approaches but never equals zero...te
Enemy of a Capulet...ue
Forgive someone of debt for
African country...we
Name given to a pizza topped with mushrooms, peppers onions, sausage, pepperoni to name a few...xe
3rd best selling game for the N64
Central American country...ze

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