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How many troops are unlockable in the barracks?
What is the FULL name of the 2nd base? (it's not the builders base)
What is the name of the defense with almost infinite range?
How many different defenses are you able to gear up with help from the master builder?
Including the dark barracks, how many COC troops are in Clash Royale (wall breaker doesn't count as the bomber)
What is the max clan level?
What is the final troop unlocked in the barracks?
How many troops have a death effect?(i.e golem and balloon)
What gender is the P.E.K.K.A?
What is the final spell unlocked in the dark barracks?
How many stars are available in the campaign mode?
What color is a level 1 archer's hair?
How much does it cost to rebuild the Gem Mine
How much does it cost to rebuild the Clock Tower
How much does it cost to rebuild the Battle Machine
What is the name of the electric trap?
Which Hero does not have purple hair?
What is the name of the purple balloon in the 2nd base?
How many troops and spells involve skeletons?(Includes builders base)
Which troop do you get lent at the start of the game during the tutorial

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