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You know how we can stop losing in the playoffs? Let's just not make it to the playoffs at all! GENIUS!
You coached a team that has broken records for ineptitude. How you lasted so long surprised everyone!
See what happens when you let you coordinators do their jobs? They get discovered and coach solid a team like this first year HC
An entire fanbase has you to thank for the biggest 'Woulda coulda shoulda' moments in sports history!
You've gone from being one of the best D-Coordinators in the NFL to being a sorry excuse for a coach. But hey, as long as your keeping up the team's tradition of incompetence!
You've become the HC of a pretty solid team after years of being an assistant to garbage ones. Another coach counting down the days until Tom Brady's retirement!
Well, in this, your first NFL coaching season, you have successfully made your team out to be the most CONFUSING in the league. Is your team good or bad MAKE UP YOUR MIND!!
If your division wasn't a total mess you'd be out of a job right now. But due to unfortunate circumstances we'll let you bow out with grace.
Your entire team is just a drama-filled soap opera on and off the field. Hard to believe that you're one of the better coaches currently.
You had one job, man! ONE JOB!!!! But you blew it! With most of America rooting for you, you totally screwed it up. WITH THE MVP FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!!
You took a crew of criminals to a SuperBowl win, nice! Please accept mediocrity as your reward for the following seasons of your career!
Although your coaching record was horrendous, you found a way to get a new HC gig and you've proven to the world that... oh wait, never mind you still won't have a winning season!
If you were superman, your kryptonite would be KICKERS!
Whatever you were drinking to make Nathan Peterman your starting QB, I just want an eighth of it!
If it wasn't for losing the spy footage on Eli Manning, you'd have 7 superbowls
It doesn't matter if this guy can't have success as a coach. As long as he's HAVING THE TIME OF HIS LIFE!!!!
You lost a power struggle with your star QB and the entire state rejoiced after your firing! What a way to end an era, huh?
You have the entire tri-state area wondering how the heck you still have a job?
You're about to ruin the best thing that has ever happened to your franchise with that weak O-Line
It's your first NFL season and you already have NFL fans and analysts questioning your decisions, not once but TWICE! New coach, same drama! Delicious!
Oh your fans love you for your SuperBowl, but too bad it was mucked up when the league found out about BountyGate!
We think you're a great coach...except for your numerous playoff blunders, inexcusable clock management, lack of in-game adjustments...oh wait,,,
You were a great OC, but a HC, you aren't. Oh and let's not forget 28-3!
Watching your team's screw-ups in Superbowl 50! It was funnier than any commercial that aired!
Your QB sucks, your CB won't shut up, and your team has fallen to that sunken place with the rest of the teams in your state.
I bet it's anyone's dream job to be given a boatload of money to ruin a franchise? But to do it in a year, that's BANANAS!
Oh you had a hot-shot rookie season, but thanks to the division you play in, you'll at best be 2nd. May the football gods have mercy on you!
Let's give this coach a big round of applause for being more of a puppet than a coach!
I'll give you a pass because your team is in rebuild and a QB problem and the fact that you coach one of the most frustrating franchises in the NFL.
Dude, it's time to cut the 'We're the underdog' crap out! Your team is the 1 hit wonder like we all knew!
How does it feel to have not one, but TWO incompetent QB's?
You may think you're the answer to one of football's biggest questions, but pray tell, how do you have a generational linebacker but a sucky defense?

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