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Forced Order
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Disney Princesses in order of movie appearance
Princesses who are of royal descendent
Princess who wasn't aware of her royalty
Princesses royal by blood and marriage
Princess who marries a pauper
How many princesses have lived in two castles
Princesses who have animals as best friends
Princesses, oldest to youngest
Princesses who wear a tiara
Princess without a sequel
Princess who's antagonist is not killed
Princesses who are orphans
Princess with both parents present in the movie
Princess with siblings
Princess who is first seen as a child
Princess with a male villian
Princess who did not sing the movie's theme song
Princesses who deal with unwanted marriage
Princesses who deal with 'true love's kiss'
Princess who kisses the villian
Princesses tempted by the villian's offer for her wish to come true
The Princes
The Seven Dwarfs
Castle Objects- Pendulum Clock
Tea Pot
Tea Cup
The Three Good Fairies
Number of sisters Ariel has
Ariel's Dress Color
Aurora's Dress Color
Belle's Dress Color
Cinderella's Dress Color
Snow White's Dress Color
Princesses who's midriff shows
Princess who wears pants
Aladdin Songs (by appearance in movie)
Beauty and the Beast Songs
The Little Mermaid Songs

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