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-273.16 Celcius
The deviation in the path of a wave that encounters the edge of an obstacle.
The collective noun for a set of genes.
An ion solution that is an electrical conductor.
A stable situation in which products and reactants are balanced.
A fertilised egg, the fusion of a male and female gamete.
A base that is soluble in water.
Element with more than one natural form.
Carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen compounds the composition of which are determined by genes.
Splitting the nucleus of an atom into smaller units.
A highly reactive molecule used to start the production of a polymer chain.
Quark composites: mesons and baryons.
Highly reactive gases forming group 7 of the periodic table.
The time taken for the level of radioactivity in an element to halve.
The amount of energy required to change a solid to a liquid or liquid to a gas.
Two quarkhadrons, the product of radioactive decay.
Organelles that convert glucose into energy.
The conversion of water and carbon-dioxide by plants into glucose and oxygen. Light is used as an energy source.
The theory that energy can only be absorbed or radiated in discrete values or quanta.
Fundamental quantum particles.
Amount of useable energy within a body at rest.
The spontaneous release of energy from atomic nuclei.
The relative values of time, motion, mass and energy of a body in motion.
The mass of an atom relative to one atom of carbon.
A quantity that is defined by its magnitude only (ie energy, temperature).
The internal friction of a fluid.

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