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The opening segment in which Ralph asks Kevin what Cannabis strain he has been smoking before the show.
Ralph reads out Emails from people in the audience
Ralph reads out Emails from people from all over the world
Ralph presents various photographs sent in by fans of the podcast, which have been modified to include Kevin's image
Ralph and Kevin review pictures of toys sent in by listeners, that are obviously bad choices for one reason or another
Ralph recites the Green Lantern oath in the guise of different famous personalities
Ralph sings Entrance of the Gladiators to Kevin to scare him (Kevin is notoriously afraid of clowns)
Where recently deceased Hollywood celebrities are discussed
An exposure of errors made on set or in production on a finished piece
Where the pair point out acts of helpfulness or charity amongst the show business crowd
Ralph reviews current news headlines related to celebrities
Ralph and Kevin predict upcoming film productions that tout a lackluster premise
The duo discuss upcoming TV, movies, comics etc. falling under the geek umbrella
Ralph and Kevin sing classic duets as Adam West & Bane
Segment exposing poorly delivered performances by actors/actresses
Ralph sings childrens songs and 80's hits as Arnold Schwarzenegger
Ralph sings a song (usually birthday related) in the style of David Bowie
Early HBO segment in which passages from celebrity biographies were featured
HBO's longtime closing segment in which the size of Liam Neeson's member is discussed in the form of fan-written jokes

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