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QUIZ: Can you name the Tommy Boy Facts?

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Can You name the Tommy Boy Facts?
How many miles is it to Davenport?
What town does Tommy live in?
What college did Tommy go to?
After killing Bambi, what motel do Richard and Tommy stay in?
What is the waitress's name in the diner?
'Hey look, ___________ forest'
What grade did Tommy get in History 201?
'Your ___________ are useless against them!'
'Hey lady there's a fat ______________ on your boat!'
__________ Hancock
Can You name the Tommy Boy Facts?
Who played Tommy in the movie?
Who played Richard in the movie?
Who ran Callahan Auto during the war?
Who is puking his guts out in the corner after Tommy lights the model car on fire?
What does Richard need to eat his shrimp cocktail?
What is Tommy's 'girlfriend's' name?
'Holy __________________!'
What is Tommy's new brother's name?
'Did you eat alot of ______ ______ when you were a kid?'
'Were you raised under ________ ________?'

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