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QUIZ: Can you name the Characters / Items in the movie Christmas Vacation?

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What is the house number of the Griswolds? 
What was the name of cousin Eddie's dog? 
What was the name of Clark's son? 
What was the name of Clark's daughter? 
What was the name of Clark's boss? 
Name of the department store worker that later tried to get Clark to jump into the pool? 
What did Clark forget to bring when the family goes out to cut a live Christmas tree? 
What does Clark want to buy with his Christmas bonus? 
What cartoon character is on Clark's coffee cup at work? 
How many relatives end up at the Griswold house for Christmas? 
What did Aunt Bethany wrap up a Christmas presentt? 
Who destroys the Griswold family Christmas tree? 
When Clark's Christmas bonus comes, what it it? 
What animal is living in the Griswold's Christmas tree? 
What vehicle does cousin Eddie show up in? 

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