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The duo drives to a southern town to pick up items from a warehouse. What town did they travel to? 
What kind of sandwich did Sheriff Justice order at the restaurant when he sits next to Burt Reynolds? 
When asked by his daddy, what did Junior want from the restaurant? 
When Sheriff Justice was discussing the preparations for Junior's wedding, what was the cost of decorating up the whole town? 
What was the name dog that rides in the truck with Jerry Reed? 
What type of car did the Bandit drive? 
What was Big Enos Burdett's license plate number? 
From what state does Sheriff Justice hail? 
While chasing the Bandit, what kind of a game does Junior want to stop and watch? 
What did Bandit call the little diner he stopped at to drop off Carrie? 
What was Jerry Reed's handle? 
What was Bandit's license plate number? 
Who says... 'The fact that you are a sheriff is not germane to the situation'? 
Who said... 'Hold up on that carwash gentleman'? 
What was Carrie's handle? 
What city are Burt, Jerry, and Sally headed to after they leave the fairground at the end of the movie? 

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