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Can you name these US Military Interventions?

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Fought between Union and Confederacy
Dumped tea into the harbor
The 'Forgotten War'
dropped by the Enola Gay
Started when Archduke Ferdinand assassinated
fought between Allies and Axis powers
fought to declare independence from UK
an effort to supply West Berlin with supplies during the communist blockade
removal of soviet nukes from Cuba
failed CIA invasion of Cuba
rebellion in china to rid of western and foreign influence
this war lasted 2.5 years, but named after one year
invasion that ended Saddam Hussein's reign
defense of Kuwait from the invading Iraq
attack on Gaddafi's Main AFB
takeover of Iran embassy and everyone in it
this general de-isolated Japan
Suprise attack on Normandy beaches
effort to give guns to israel, and use the money to fund an overthrow of communism in nicaragua
treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo ended this war
well known operation in Gulf War
fought between communist North and Democratic South
This organization bomed Yugoslavia in 1999
Black Hawk Down based on this battle
started after 9/11

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