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Clergy CharacterTitle of SourceMedium
Sonny DeweyFilm (1997)
Obadiah SlopeNovel* (Anthony Trollope)
Bishop Henry BroughamFilm (1947)
Father ZosimaNovel* (Fyodor Dostoevsky)
Captain Captain Albert T. TappmanNovel* (Joseph Heller)
Stephen KumaloNovel* (Alan Paton)
Jean Marie LatourNovel (Willa Cather)
Father Damian KarrasNovel* (William Peter Blatty)
John AmesNovel (Marilynne Robinson)
Father Chuck O'MalleyFilm (1944/1945)
Dom Claude FrolloNovel* (Victor Hugo)
Robert AldenNovel (Laura Ingalls Wilder)/TV (1974-1982)
Edward CasaubonNovel* (George Eliot)
Father MappleNovel* (Herman Melville)
Thomas MarshfieldNovel (John Updike)
Brother MaynardFilm (1975)
William of BaskervilleNovel* (Umberto Eco)
Clergy CharacterTitle of SourceMedium
Father BarryFilm (1954)
Nathan PriceNovel (Barbara Kingsolver)
William CollinsNovel* (Jane Austen)
Jack EcclesNovel (John Updike)
Adam SmallboneTV (2010-2014)
Friar LaurencePlay (William Shakespeare)
Reverend BeebeNovel* (E.M. Forster)
Arthur DimmesdaleNovel* (Nathaniel Hawthorne)
Eric CamdenTV (1996-2007)
Graham HessFilm (2002)
Sebastio RodriguesNovel (Shusaku Endo)
Ralph de BricassartNovel* (Colleen McCullough)
Geraldine GraingerTV (1994-2007)
Charles PrimroseNovel (Oliver Goldsmith)
Matthew FordwickTV (1972-1981)
Tomas EricssonFilm (1962)

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