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What is GE's current slogan?
Where are GE's corporate headquarters located?
Approximately how many people does GE employ?
What is the name of GE's corporate font?
Who founded General Electric?
GE is the only company remaining of the 12 original companies on which stock exchange?
What is the zipcode of GE's original headquarters in Schenectady, NY?
Where is GE's world famous training center located?
What is the address of GE's New York City office building?
Name 1 of GE's 2 major initiatives that are prominently featured in television ads.
Name 1 of GE's 2 major initiatives that are prominently featured in television ads.
Who is the current CEO of General Electric?
The current CEO began his tenure just 4 days before which major american tragedy?
Name GE's previous CEO, who led the company through tremendous growth for 20 years.
GE owns a partial stake in which major television network?
How much does GE invest annually in training and education programs for its employees?
Name the GE business that produces gas & wind turbines.
Name the GE business that produces jet engines, locomotives, & magnetic resonance machines.
Name the GE business that produces light bulbs & kitchen appliances.
Name the GE business that lends hundreds of millions of dollars to small & mid-size companies.

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