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Jacob's ex-collegeIvy League school
Main reason Jacob hates Augustone of two reasons
Other main reason Jacob hates Augustone of two reasons
Something Jacob is trying to deal with in both the 1930's and present dayparents in 1930's vs. himself in present day
The type of storytelling used in this booktold in flashbacks (hint: it's not in a line...)
Time period of the storythink money...
The genre this story largely isremember #4's answer...
Jacob's job at the circushe never finished his exams
Disorder that August likely hashis personality changes drastically frequently
Name of animal that Walter/Kinko uses to compensate for his mother's inability to care for himshe's 'all he's got'
Uncle Al's 'true love in life'e.g. The Lovely Lucinda
Alternate name for 'Stars and Stripes Forever'foreshadows then entire end of the book

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