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an attitude of grace and nonchalance proposed by Castiglione
an artistic technique in which objects in the distance are drawn smaller
a rival banking family to the Medici
A device that effectively ended Church monopoly on information distribution
a mathematical technique that allowed Renaissance artists to draw appropriately sized objects
the portion of a painting in which the objects appear to be in the front
an artistic technique that indicates the presence of a light source
emphasized the importance of observation
Helped create the field of political science with his book
patron of the arts and most powerful man in Florence
Was morally ambiguous about murder
an artistic technique used to give the appearance of looking 'into' a painting
Philosophy that encouraged self-improvement
Opposed Lorenzo Medici for leading Florence into sin
dealt with the study of human nature and human-to-human interaction
Supported by the Medicis, this artist painted the Sistine Chapel
Described the ideal Renaissance man
a subject studied in order to make Renaissance art more realistic
Painting that portrayed an entirely non-Christian goddess
A painting that portrayed multiple rooms

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