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DescriptionFigure, Event, Group, Location, or ItemRegion
Won a victory at Cueta, championed oceanic explorationPortugal
Responsible for two simultaneous popesPapal States
Stopped Alfonso XI from retaking GrenadaSpain
Allied with the Marinids to invade SpainAl-Andalus
Helped put down revolt in FlorenceFlorence
Castilian victory in Southern SpainAl-Andalus
This weapon enabled English troops to defeat the French at PoitiersEngland/France
Secular arm of the Roman Catholic ChurchHoly Roman Empire
French city in which alternate pope residedPapal States
Left out pope's decision in selecting a Holy Roman EmperorHoly Roman Empire
Overbearing, uninspiring, paranoid, angry Roman popePapal States
Killed his brother to take over the Castilian throneSpain
DescriptionFigure, Event, Group, Location, or ItemRegion
A result of Portuguese ocean explorationsPortugal
Figure who led 1300s invasion of SpainAl-Andalus
Died of the Black Death in Spain along with most of his armySpain
Agricultural drainage systemMesoamerica
Defeated French king, helped Peter the CruelEngland/France
Largest kingdom on Iberian peninsulaSpain
Portuguese king who allied with Castilian king to drive out Muslims Al-Andalus
French royalty, descendants of CapetiansEngland/France
Routine part of Aztec religious ceremoniesMesoamerica
Key product that allowed Benin to dominate neighborsBenin
Revolt of wool workersFlorence
Architectural wonder surrounding Benin CityBenin

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