Geography Quiz / Biggest Brazilian Cities (Not Capitals)

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Can you name the biggest cities in Brazil that aren't capitals or part of a capital metropolitan area?

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São Paulo1 173 370
São Paulo695 992
São Paulo674 405
Minas Gerais669 672
São Paulo652 481
Bahia622 639
Santa Catarina569 645
Minas Gerais559 636
Paraná553 393
Rio de Janeiro487 186
Rio Grande do Sul479 236
São Paulo446 649
São Paulo434 359
Paraíba407 754
São Paulo405 740
Paraná403 063
Minas Gerais398 288
São Paulo394 419
Goiás370 875
São Paulo369 368
São Paulo357 989
Pernambuco351 686
Bahia346 069
São Paulo344 704
Santa Catarina343 715
Rio Grande do Sul343 651
Rio Grande do Sul342 634
Paraná341 130
Pernambuco337 683

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