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Billy's Friend- Played by Norm MacDonald
Billy's Friend- Played by Mark Beltzman
Name of Billy's Dad- Owner of Madison Hotels
The book that Billy references in his debate speech
Name of Billy's maid
What day Norm MacDonald's character thinks it is
Boning Meg Ryan is weighed against Jack Nicholson from this year
How many bagged lunches are stolen?
One of the items Billy would like to use when he has Veronica alone in his tent
Name Of Billy's 3rd Grade Friend
What band is featured on Billy's shirt when he pulls up to high school?
What song is playing on his stereo?
Name of the guy Billy is 'glad I called'
What famous actor is he played by?
Name of the principal of the elementary school
His wrestling alter-ego
Name one of the magazines Billy receives on Nudie Magazine Day
What game does Billy believe Donkey Kong is superior to?
What royal title does Billy give the woman Mark Beltzman's character is interested in?
Name of the character that stamps out dog poop on his porch

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