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The 1859 shooting of a pig on this American Island lead to an officially declared war between the United States and the United Kingdom, although no shots were actually fired
Ironically, the southernmost national capital city in the world is located on this island
Unlike most of majority-Muslim Indonesia, almost 95% of this island's people are Hindu
A breed of tailless cats are named for this British island
Located off the horn of Africa, this is the largest of Yemen's 200+ islands
This island, inhabited by the descendents of the Bounty mutineers, was rocked by child sexual abuse convictions in 2004
In 1945, according to Yalta Conference agreements, the Soviet Union took control of this large Pacific Ocean island from Japan.
Three nations have territory on this Asian island
This Norwegian island is home to a 'doomsday' seed vault, designed to preserve the world's crops in case of a global catastrophe
Napoleon Bonaparte died on this island in the Atlantic Ocean
Iqaluit, the capital of the Canadian territory of Nuvavut, is located on this island
This New York island is accessible via subway, bridge, or passenger tram
This South Asian island nation was, until 2009, the site of a conflict between the government and the Tami Tigers

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