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If you're goin' then go, go, go, go
There's nothing wrong with just a taste of what you've paid for
Things have changed for me
And love is not a choice
The weather today is slightly sarcastic with a good chance of: A. Indifference or B. Disinterest in what the critics say
Out the back door goddamn but I love her anyway
I've never been so surreptitious, so of course you'll be distracted when I spike the punch
Legs of wood waves, waves of wooden legs waves of wooden legs
You remind me of a few of my famous friends, well that all depends what you qualify as friends
Oh, the fear of falling apart oh, the fear, the fear of falling apart
let's get these teen hearts beating faster, faster let's get these teen hearts beating faster
Lay us down, we're in love
We must reinvent love, reinvent love, reinvent love
You'll dance to anything, you'll dance to anything!
No, you'll never know until you're there no, you'll never know until you're there
How I miss yesterday! How'd I let it fade away? Don't fade away!
No, it's much better to face these kinds of things with a sense of poise and rationality again
You are at the top of my lungs drawn to the ones who never yawn
Boys will be boys hiding in estrogen and wearing Aubergine dreams
The I.V. and your hospital bed this was no accident this was a therapeutic chain of events

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