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Forced Order
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What nickname does Sandor Clegane give Sansa Stark?
In which season does Jon climb over the Wall?
Who was blamed for Renly's death
What does Cersei famously tell Ned about the game of thrones
How many marriages are seen on screen?
What is the group of Dothraki widows called?
What season does Bran finally find the cave?
Who patches Arya up after her stabbing?
What does Valar Dohaeris mean?
How many years has it been since Aegon's conquest?
How many men does Lyanna Mormont pledge to Jon Snow's cause?
What specific word makes Tyrion shoot his father?
Name someone who kills a giant
Which city is Daenerys trying to take when she meets Daario Naharis?
Who dies first Catelyn or Joffrey?
Name one of Theon's uncles
Where does Jorah kidnap Tyrion?
Name someone who is burnt alive (not by dragons)
Name the title of an episode 9
Name a eunuch
Which is the second city of Slaver's Bay that Daenerys conquers?
What does Melisandre say to Jon, that's he's heard many times from someone else?
Who is the last character Theon kills?
Who does Sandor Clegane kill first in the series?
What is the main castle of the Baratheons?
What is it called when the Ironborn choose a new king?
What is the name of Catelyn's father?
What relation is Daenerys to Jon?
Who plays Davos?
Why does Arya hate Beric and Thoros?
Who commands the goldcloaks at the beginning of the series?
Where did Ned's sister die?
Who is Lancel's father?
Name a dragon other than Drogon
Name a character played by an American
What region does House Clegane come from?
Who plays Cersei?
Who kills Pyp?
Which two people poison Joffrey?
Who does Joffrey kill with a crossbow?
What region is Harrenhal in?
Who gives Arya 'Needle'?
Which of the five kings dies first?
What is Hodor's real name?
Who does Stannis borrow money from?
What is Gilly's baby called?
What is Sansa's fake name in the Vale?
Name a dothraki apart from Drogo
What does Hot Pie call Winterfell?
Who now rules the Vale?
According to Petyr Baelish there are less than....swords in the Iron Throne
Which region is Oldtown in?
Who names himself 'The Titan's Bastard'?
What was Ned's sword called?
What year did the series debut?
Hodor's favourite word?
What is the name of Samwell's brother?
What is the temple of the Faceless Men called?
What is Davos' nickname?
How does Arya persuade the captain to take her to Braavos
Who saves Qyburn's life?
Who built the Wall?
Which of the five kings dies last?
Who is Oberyn's paramour?
What is Roose Bolton's wife called?
What is the name of the Mormont family sword?
Who was Cersei betrothed to before Robert?
Who is the first person we see Brienne defeat (not kill)?
Name the three kings Barristan Selmy served
Name a kingsguard who dies
Who does Theon behead?
What is the name of the Greyjoy's castle?
What is the city in the Westerlands called?
Who is nicknamed 'the bold?'
Who is younger, Ned or Benjen?
What is Lysa Arryn's maiden name?
What is the sigil of House Tully?
Who kills Pycelle?
Name a character other than Jon or Daenerys who is the last character seen to end a series
What does 'making the eight' mean?
Who took Catelyn Tullys virginity?
Who cuts off Jaime's hand?
What relation is Lancel to Tyrion?
What are Stannis' last words?
Who smuggles Arya out of King's Landing?
What is Robb's wife's name?
What is Tormund's surname?
Name a maester
Who is the only Targaryen we see in Westeros?
Name all those Cersei has slept with
Why is Jorah an exile?
Who do we first see Jaime kill onscreen?
Who is Oberyn's brother?
Where does House Glover live?
What is Sansa's favourite food?
Who is the wildling that Tormund kills?
What island is Brienne from?
Who is master of coin after Petyr Baelish?
What creature is the sigil of House Greyjoy?
What is another name for Dragon Glass?

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