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Can you name the NBA logos by Desciption?

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A Leprechaun
A ball bursting through the _ _ _
A blue bee
A ball lit on fire through a rim
A fierce soldier
A magical god
A cowboy's heel
A basketball with red and blue letters and numbers
A scary bird gripping a basketball
A noise from the air you can not see but can hear
A horse with a cape
A bear
The only NBA team with two names
A golden basketball with purple font
The team that shares the Staples center with the Lakers
Home of the team with the worlds most famous arena
A species of Buffalo
In 2012, this team finished with 7 wins
A deer
A fierce war horse. From a town in Michigan
A yellow basketball with a blue P in the backround
A red basketball with a sword coming through the middle
A R launching off into space
Smooth music
A ruler
A dinosaur
A spirit
A species of dog in the woods
A basketball in the hoop
A cold mountain

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