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Can you name the Useless LSUHCS Medical School Trivia2?

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When playing horse shoes with Whitworth, what are you likely to use instead of horse shoes?
What is Diana's nickname
What is Pelias's first name
Who did the coffee guy punch and break his hand
What day is National Peepers Day (day of week and day)
Whats Bradys middle name
What teacher did Brady make a comment about that got his in trouble with NTS
Whats the avg. time of day CP sneezes
What football team was LSU playing which Jake's car kissed a train
What was Erin's pigs name
Who was caugh sleeping at 10 pm in the lounge the first week of school
How many cents extra is a medium coffee compared to a small
Where are the LSUHSC chefs trained
Where Dr D go to undergrad
What was taken from Ripples truck the first semester
Who dedicated a noteset to their kids
What is the sign for men with potent seed
How many Laura's or derivatives of are in our class
What Dr English's babys name
Whats the address of the MEB
Whats Dr Mize's wifes name
What's Will nickname for Dr John Page
Who is William James Ericson-Neilsen
What did James Dill smuggle into China
Who downloaded 11 gigs worth of crap on the network
What number was Will out of 20 when he got tagged
What does Erin hold in the palm of her hands
What is Justin's ghost favorite saying
According to Dicarlo, whats the 1st thing you when walking into a patients room
What food product describes the layers of the perineum

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