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Can you name the 50 Best iPhone Apps in 2011??

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Employ cartoon birds as weaponized projectiles. 
Hasbro's version might be even better than Grandpa's board version.  
Watching waves of zombies trampling your nicely manicured lawn . 
Tilt your phone to guide the adorably-long-snouted Doodler as he climbs a piece of graph paper. 
Just swipe your finger to cleave flying fruit in two, ideally before they hit the ground. 
Maneuver a piece of hard candy through a maze of obstacles into the open mouth of an eager Om Nom. 
Where's Waldo? 
Spot then trace words from a grid of letters, acrostic-style, to see how many words you can make. 
Stop the creatures by blasting them with strategically-placed cannons before they reach your base. 
On The Go
Search for hotels, flights and car rentals. 
Find nearby eateries and a whole host of other on-the-road necessities, such as bars, banks, drugstores, and gas stations. 
Translate real-word objects in real-time. 
Apple's standard weather app just doesn't do it for you. 
Useful for last-minute dinner reservations or when traveling. 
User-created encyclopedia. 
Subway, bus, or cab? 
First iPhone app to make use of Google's location-aware API. 
Same types of global satellite and aerial views you would get on the web. 
A car sharing service that is a cost-saving, green-living, no-brainer for anyone residing in a city.  
The perfect shopping companion. 
A virtual cookbook. 
Time for a cocktail? 
Money online. 
A must-have for professional bargain hunters, you compare prices and deals on the fly. 
Tracks your income, spending and investments. 
Popular online medical encyclopedia. 
Calorie-tracking made simple. 
Users can input any sort of information and properly categorize it. 
Music & Photography
Access to a massive music library that exists in the cloud. 
Discover new music. 
Can't name that song? 
Build your own visual patterns and unique melodies by tapping on the screen. 
High-quality SLR lens. 
Basic editing features, color adjustment, filters, a handful of essential effects and several borders. 
Chose a combination of 'film' 'lens' and 'flash.' 
Apply a vintage filter on your snapshots and share your snapshots with friends. 
Convert any photo to black and white even while allowing you to keep specifically chosen details in color. 
Instant streaming queue anywhere. 
Every film tidbit you'd ever want to know. 
Breaking news updates and letting you customize the app to feature your favorite teams and sports. 
Save magazine, newspaper and blog pieces for reading later in the day. 
Buy and read any ebook available on Amazon. 
Import feeds from Google and view them in a nifty interactive mosaic. 
Biggest social network. 
DM people, @reply, post, and follow breaking news. 
Gmail, Maps, Docs, News, etc. 
AOL Chat. 
Video chatting. 
Check in to a location often enough and you're dubbed the 'mayor.' 
Virtual version of the business card, but way more fun. 

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