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Care of Magical Creatures Professor before Hagrid
Award that Professor Lockhart won 5 times
Illness that Ron pretends to have in book 7
Party that the trio attend in the 2nd book
Move that Krum uses in World Cup
Riddle family's gardener
Creature in a tank when Harry first goes to Lupin's office
Bill and Fleur's house
Rita Skeeter's Animagus form
Killed the Grey Lady
How to enter the kitchen
Broom that Ron gets in the 5th book
The only students Peeves has ever taken an order from
Luna wears these as earrings
Nickname for Snape used by James and Sirius
Replaces the Fat Lady in the 3rd book
Ginny's signature spell
Buckbeak's code name
What kills Broderick Bode
Uncle Vernon's profession

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