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Forced Order
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Tokugawa Japan
Manila founded (aka birth of global trade according to Boxer)
ODA Nobunaga
Tenmei famine
Toyotomi Hideyoshi
Illicit trade up the Rio Plata from Peru to Buenos Aires
peasant protests
Edo renamed Tokyo
Tokugawa Ieyasu
Civil War era 'Gekokujo', 'sengoku'
Ieyasu victory at Sekigahara
proto industrialization (increased scale of operations and specialized production networks serving long range markets)
Wars of the Roses (England)
yashiki of Kakegawa castle
introduction of firearms
Hideyoshi korean invasions
First shogunal census
Muromachi period
Single Whip tax system implemented
other famines
Heyday of Japan's oversea trade (aka a lot of silver leaving)
Kaibara Ekiken writings
Onin War
Kamakura shogunate
population growth in japan halts
Daimyo power struggles
Hundred Years War (France, England)
Edo becomes largest city in the world
Sengoku daimyo
Azuchi castle

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