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Can you name the Survivor Winners Big Moves?

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Created the 1st alliance, stepped down from FIC
Convinced Colby to flip on Jerri and Mitchell
Threw a challenge to get rid of Silas
Flip flopped on Hunter,John, and Kathy
Blindsided Ted and Helen
Got Deena and Rob out, won immunities
Screwed Jon and Burton
Helped organize Rob C boot, used Rob as shield
Led Fat 5, defeated 6 women
Won immunities, guilted Ian into losing
Used advantage to crack majority
Helped keep Casaya intact
used Super Idol to help sway Penner
Implemented Edgardo plan,voted Yau out
Blindsided Jean Robert and FTC performance
built relations with fans, Blindsided Ozzy
Made a fake Idol and gave it to Randy
1st Perfect Game,Dominated with Stephen
Got Galu to boot Erik, used Russell as shield
Got Russell to gun for Coach, talked to Heroes
Won Immunities when he needed to.
Dominated the season as the Mafia Boss
Took credit for Coach's moves, beat Ozzy
Kept women together, manipulated everyone
Survived all TCs, Blindsided Russell Swan
Led the Blindsides of Andrea and Brenda
Blindsided Aras, Controlled the game
Blindsided Cliff,LJ,Jefra, and Trish
Blindsided Alec,Jon, and Baylor
Idol Bluff, Won Immunities, took out Joaquin
Gave idol to Stephen, In control all game
Won immunities, Voted Neal off Jury
Took out Figgy, and opposed David

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